Blue Collar Wisdom is a podcast of down-to-earth thoughts about life and faith through things we experience every day.

 Blue Collar Wisdom

Have you ever heard someone talk about faith and thought, “Wow! They sure made that complicated”? And the next minute heard a sermon and wanted to shout, “C’mon! Nothing is that simple!”?

Or maybe you’ve tried reading about faith issues. One book requires a theological dictionary, and the next gives you five simple steps to improve your prayer life, fix your marriage, get on a budget or get into heaven. 

So, who’s got it right? 

I think there’s a third way. Simple, but not simplistic. Sophisticated but accessible to ordinary folks like you and me.

Blue Collar

Throughout my ministry, I’ve been told that I am able to share complex ideas in simple ways. I learned much of this growing up in a blue collar family.

My dad taught lessons like, “You go to Hell for lying the same as you do for stealing,” that a job isn’t over until the tools are put away, and the importance of confession and forgiveness. From others I learned about hospitality, humility and unconditional love.

Much of how I view the world is shaped by those formative years. Even today in my work as a pastor and writer, I draw on those lessons. Now, I want to share some of them with you.

Join me as we walk the middle road between simple and simplistic, complexity and obfuscation. Let’s talk about life and faith in ways we can all understand, but don’t insult our intelligence. Let’s share some blue collar wisdom.

Episode 1: Welcome

To hear more about what this podcast is all about, listen to the introductory episode.